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  • Unmanned surveying and Reconnaissance.
  • Endurance: 4 hours.
  • Maximum range: 440km.
  • Live HD video streaming to the Ground Control Station.
  • Distance of live video and command transmission: more than 120~150km.
  • Communication Relay model CL-850R support communication beyond 120Km
  • Locking and tracking moving targets on the ground.
  • Vertically take-off and vertically landing, no need of runway and catapult assistance.
  • Totally automatic flight along preloaded GPS points path, Flight path can be modified
    during flight.
  • Hybrid power of gasoline and electricity.
  • “One button click” take-off, return home, and landing, easy to operate.
  • Safety feature: when communication failed after preset time, or oil alert, drones will
    return home automatically.
  • Quick assemble and dis- assemble.
  • Durable and robust.
  • Dual camera gimbals(Infrared camera and visible light camera), 30× optical Zoom.
  • Datalink featuring short time delay. End to end latency of live video transmission is
    short than 200ms, End to end latency of command transmission is short than 50ms,
    this is critical and guarantee of target tracking.
  • Portable Ground Control Station, easy to deploy and mobile.