Wheel base 1,600mm Height 600mm
Dead weight 5.2kg (without battery) Number of motors 6
Motor Brushless motor Power 12s22AH lithium battery
Material of  frame Carbon fiber Endurance with  payload 60 min
Max Taking Off Weight 20kg Max payload 8kg
Endurance without payload 85 min Range of remote  control with handheld controller Not less than 600m
Endurance with  5kg payload 45 min Cruising speed 10m/s
Max speed 15m/s Ceiling 4,000m
Precision of the  flight path ±2m CEP precision of  Landing ±2m
Operating temperature -10℃~40℃ Wind Load rating 5 grade (8.0~10.8m/s)
Payload Three-axis camera Sensor type Infrared and visible light
Video radio 5km~20km Data radio 5km~20km
Video transmission Air-to-ground real-time  image transmission Remote telemetry Two-way digital radio  station optional
Automatic flight fly according to the preset route or manually Navigation Beidou/GPS

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