DAT-4 85kg Oil Powered Fixed-wing UAV

Widely used in various field: Transportation, surveillance, communication, patrolling, reconnaissance and attack, etc.

The UAV platform includes UAV airframe, navigation system, autopilot, power system, landing gear, servos.





  • Made of materials of Carbon fiber and composite material; Strong and light.
  • Payload: not less than 20kg.
  • With autopilot, GPS/BDS navigation, flight along preloaded flight path.
  • Parachute landing in emergency.
  • Maximum range: 700km.
  • Maximum endurance: 6 hours.
  • Automatically take-off and landing (option).
Specifications of DAT-4:
Size of Payload Cabin920*340*350mm
PowerEngineGasoline engine
Tank Capacity28L
Fuel consume rate4Liter/hour at FULL PAYLOAD
Weight and LoadMax Payload20kg (fuel not included)
Max takeoff weight85kg
PerformanceCruising Speed120km/hour
Max Range700km
Max Endurance6 hours
EnvironmentOperating  temperature-20℃~50℃
Wind Load Rating6 grade (10.8~13.9 m/s)
Takeoff/LandingTaxiing takeoff, taxiing landing, parachute landing
Control ModeAutonomous control + remote control; Airline pre-store or uploading in real time
NavigationGPS/ BDS navigation
MaintenanceEngine maintenance cycle time ≥ 150hrs


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