• Electricity powered. 
  • Compact, light, easy to carry and employment. 
  • Maximum Range: 200km. 
  • Endurance: 2.0 hours @3kg payload. 
  • GPS/BDS navigation. 
  • One click go home or vertical landing in emergency. 
  • Applied in: Surveillance, mapping, communication, emergency, geological exploration, pipeline patrol, aerial observation etc.

Specifications of DAT-8:

Wingspan  3.2m  Max Range  200km
Length of aircraft  1.7m  Mission radius  ≥100km
Length of the  


1.12m  Weight of Empty plane  15kg
payload  3kg  Wind Load Rating  5 grade (8.0~10.8m/s)
Max Take-off  


20kg  Maximum control distance (depending on airborne data modem ) 20~150km
Material  Carbon fiber  Max Endurance  2.0 hours
Packing box size  1.58*0.6*0.6m; 0.6m3(40kg) Take-off/Landing  Vertical Take-off 

Vertical landing

Cruising Speed  75~90km/h  Flying Speed  65~100km/h

Flight data: 

Takeoff weight: 25 kg, Payload: 3 kg, Cruising speed: 80~83 km / hour, Cruise time> 3.5 hours.

The above flight has been performed at condition of: altitude of take-off point= 10 meters,  flying altitude of 150 meters, and wind of 3.4 ~7.0 meters / second.

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