DAT-880E 60kg Payload VTOL UAV

Easy to operate and equipped with specialized flight control and navigation systems, and fly autonomously throughout the flight.


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  • Featuring with VTOL fixed-wing UAV, long endurance, fast speed, long range and big
  • Strong payload capacity: Maximum payload reaches 60 kg (fuel included).
  • Long endurance: Maximum endurance up to 8 hours (@ payload=10kg).
  • Adapt to plateau operations: ceiling is 5,000 meters above mean sea level.
  • Maximum altitude at which drones can Vertically take-off: ≥2,700 meters AMSL.
  • Low operation cost: no complicated and heavy launching and recycling equipment, no
    need to add additional recycling sensors.
Specifications of DAT-880E:
Wingspan 6.5m Length 3.35m
 Height 1,100mm Max range 1,200km
Power Battery 32*8,000mAh-6S  lithium battery Maximum Altitude of  take-off and landing 2,700m For DAT-880E
Autopilot Redundancy configuration Maximum Altitude of  take-off and landing 4,300m For DAT-880P
Ceiling of DAT-880E 3,000m Ceiling of DAT-880P 6,500m
Flying radius 300~500km Take-off/landing mode Vertical Takeoff/ landing
Endurance @payload of 10kg 8 hours Endurance @payload of 20kg 6 hours 
Endurance @payload of 30kg 4 hours Endurance @payload of 40kg 2 hours
Maximum speed 130km/hour Cruising speed 100~120km/hour
Endurance 2~8 hours Fuel consuming rate Around 6.5L/hour
Maximum capacity  of tank 28 Liter Wind load rating 6 grade (10.8~13.9 m/s)
Max payload 60kg (fuel included) Max take-off weight 180kg
Operating humidity ≤90%RH Operating temperature -40℃~+45℃




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