Wheel base 1,200mm Height 600mm
Dead weight 7 kg Number of motors 4
Motor Brushless motor Wind Load rating <4 degree
Material of frame Carbon fiber Range of remote control with handheld controller Not less than 600m
Max Taking Off Weight 12 kg Max payload 3kg
Endurance without payload 25 min Endurance with 2kg payload 18~20 min
Maximum altitude of  take-off 800m Cruising speed 3~5m/s
Max speed 10m/s Ceiling 1,000m
Precision of the flight path 3m CEP precision of Landing 3m
Operating temperature -10℃~40℃ Power lithium polymer  


Payload PAN/TILT camera Camera HD and/or IR
Video radio Transferring one  way of live video,  range 5km~10km Data radio Transferring  bidirectional data,  range 5km


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