DAT-812 Electricity Powered Fixed-wing VTOL UAV

It features with composite wing and vertically take-off and landing (VTOL). VTOL has greatly enhanced the environmental adaptability of UAV. It eliminates need of runway, it can operate  smoothly in the mountainous, hilly, jungle and other complex terrain and areas with dense  buildings, which greatly expands the application field of UAV and is an ideal choice for industrial  UAV.


Length  0.9m  Maximum take off weight  12kg
Wingspan  2.5m  Maximum  payload  2kg
Endurance  90min@1.5kg  Cruising speed  70~90km/h
Flight radius  60km  Ceiling  3,000m
Power battery 2×4,800mAh-6s lithium  battery (for VTOL); 

1×35,000mAh-6s lithium  battery (for cruising)

Maximum  control distance 5~60km (Depends on  datalink)
Cruising speed  70~90km/hrs  Max Wind Load Rating 6 grades (10.8~13.9  m/s)
Stall speed  65km/hrs  Take -off/Landing  Vertically Takeoff 

Vertically landing

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