Ground Control Station ZT1800GS Dual Screen GCS

It features portable and ruggedized design and it is easy to carry and use. The dual screen integrates many functions together, such as flight control, video receiving, telemetry and tele-control, gimbals tele-control, flight route programming, one-key-return-home, display and save of live video and data.


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  • Portable suitcase design, easy to carry and operate.
  • Ruggedized, adaptive to harsh environment, especially rural environment. 
  • Support both High Definition video and Standard Definition video.
  • Embedded computer.
  • Live video display and playback.
  • Dual-screen for video display and flight monitoring separately.
  • Short latency of video transmission is critical for target locking and tracking by UAV  and robot remote control.
  • Unique control range extending technology, compatible with FUTABA handheld  controller, range up to 20km, longer range customizable.
  • Li-battery pack equipped, endurance more than 2 hours (longer endurance  customizable), AC power supply is available.
Dual screen Specifications:
System parameters Transmission distance ≥20km@data bandwidth 5Mbps
Equipment weight ≤400g
Dimension 486mm*325mm*85mm
Supply voltage 19V, Lithium battery
Endurance 4 hours
CPU, Memory Option
Wireless datalink  parameters Modulation COFDM/MESH
Frequency 1.4GHz (frequency customizable)
Output Power Depend on RF module embedded
Environment Working Temperature -20℃ to 60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 80℃
Humidity ≤95% (no condensing)
Data transmission specs Bandwidth 25~90Mbps
Serial port baud rate 9,600bps~115.2Kbps
Main interface Recording interface USB (External U disk or hard disk) for recording
Antenna interface SMA-K*2
Video output Video output HDMI
Video forwarding RJ45 (ether network)
Grouped equipment Supporting antenna ZTANT120 series, ZTANT200 series
Paired devices SageNET1400-27-15A series



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