Plateau version DAT-812P

DAT-812P is the plateau version based on DAT-812. Plateau version has been tailored to operate on high land, in low temperature and can take- off and land  at altitude not less than 4000 meters.


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Specifications of DAT-812P:
Length  0.9m  Maximum take off weight  12kg
Wingspan  2.5m  Maximum  payload  2kg
Endurance  90min@1.5kg  Cruising speed  70~90km/h
Flight radius  60km  Ceiling  5,000m AMSL
Max altitude of  take-off point  4,000m AMSL  Temperature  -40℃~60℃
Defrosting  YES  Anti-icing  YES
Power battery  Military grade battery  for both VTOL and cruising Maximum  control distance Depends on datalink: 

5~60km (see NOTICE)

Cruising speed  70~90km/hour Max Wind Load  Rating  6 grades (10.8~13.9 m/s)

Stall speed                               65km/hour                                                   Take off/Landing mode    Vertically 




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