DAT-850 15kg Payload VTOL UAV

The DAT-850 can take a maximum payload up to 15kg and a maximum altitude for take-off and landing of up to 2,500m AMSL. 


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  • Hybrid power of oil and electricity. 
  • Long range and Long endurance: endurance 6hrs@5kg payload. 
  • Maximum payload up to 15kg. 
  • Maximum Altitude for take-off and landing up to 2,500m AMSL. 
  • Vertically take-off and vertically landing, no need of runway and catapult assistance  rack 
  • “One click” take-off, return home, and landing, easy to operate. 
  • Quick assemble and dis- assemble. 
  • Support various payload, widely used in various industries and scenario. 
  • Applied in industries: Unmanned surveying, Transportation, Reconnaissance, Aerial  mapping, Forest Fire fighting, Communication in emergency 
  • Durable and robust. 
Specifications of DAT-850:
Length  2.6m  Height(maximum  main landing gear)  770mm
Wingspan  3.8m  Wing area  2.5m²
Landing gear form  Four-point parallel  landing gear  Tank capacity  12L/14.5L
Maximum speed  

(at sea face level) 

140km/hour  Cruising speed  110km/hour
Stall speed  24m/s  Operation on the  sea Yes, for maritime  version
Endurance 8 hours Maximum Altitude  for take-off  2,500m AMSL
Payload  10kg@4 hours (for 850E) 5kg@6 hours (for 850E)  Max payload  15kg@2 hrs@850E
Maximum Range  660km @payload=5kg  Max take-off  weight  50kg
Navigation mode  GPS/BDS  Consumption of  fuel  3.5L/hour
Engine for take-off  and landing Electricity powered  

brushless motor 

Engine for cruising Oil-powered two stroke carburetor  engine
Wind load rating 

(Positive crosswind)

5 grade (8.0~10.8m/s)  when cruising 

3 grade (3.4~5.4 m/s) 

Lowest operating  Temperature

when take-off/landing 

-20for Anti-ice  version 

6for ordinary version

Take-off mode                Vertically                                           Landing mode                            Vertically

Celling                              3,000m for ordinary  version         Operating humidity                  ≤90%RH

                                           5,000m for plateau  version             




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