DAT-466 30kg payload oil powered UAV

Applied in multiple scenarios: widely used in field of geophysical prospecting, power grid patrol, oil pipeline surveillance, emergency supply transportation, border patrol, anti-terrorism, reconnaissance and attack.




  • Work normally in severe weather: Cold, hot, snow, and raining.
  • Work normally in Harsh electromagnetic environment.
  • 30kg payload @ 3 hours endurance.
  • Take-off on a short runway.
Specifications of DAT-466:
Length 3,300mm Height 980mm
Wingspan 6,000mm Area of wing 2.3 m2
Takeoff/landing  mode Taxiing Flying mode Autonomous and/or  manually
Endurance 3 hours Navigation mode GPS/BeiDou
Ceiling 5,000m Take-off taxiing distance <300m
Stalling speed 60km/h Cruising Speed 120/h
Oil consumption when cruising 7L/h Landing taxiing distance <250m (with Braking  system)
Maximum speed 180 km/h Fuel type Ordinary gas
Propeller size 32*14 Engine Limbach L-275
Payload 30kg Power 22HP
Tank capacity 22L Max Take-off Weight 128kg
Meteorological adaptability Light Rain, Wind load rating < grade 5 (8.0~10.8m/s)


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