DAT-860 VTOL 5 hours endurance UAV

 Designed For Mapping, Inspection, Surveillance And Rescue Operations.


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  • Hybrid powered.
  • Compact, light, easy to carry and deployment.
  • Maximum Range: 450km.
  • Endurance: 5 hours @5kg payload.
  • Fly autonomously and manually
  • Fly according to preloaded path of GPS point
  • GPS/BDS navigation.
  • One click go home or vertical landing in emergency.
  • Applied in: Surveillance, mapping, communication, emergency, geological exploration, pipeline patrol, aerial observation etc.


Length 2.1m   Max Taking Off          Weight 26kg
Wingspan 4.7m   Height of fuselage 0.83m
Max Payload 5kg Max endurance 5 hours
Max range 450Km Mission radius ≥200km, with relay
Take-off mode Vertically Landing mode Vertically
Power for Take-Off Battery Power for cruising Oil
Mode of flying Autonomous and  guided mode Wind load rating 6 grade (13 m/s)@ take-off 7 grade (14 m/s)@ cruising
Material of fuselage Fiber Carbon and  Compound material Navigation BeiDou/GPS
Cruising speed 90km/hour (25m/s) Flying following flight  path preloaded YES
Max speed 118km/hour Tall speed 19m/s
Max take-off altitude 2500m AMSL Ceiling 4500m AMSL
Capacity of tank 8 L Engine for flying internal combustion engine (electric starter)
Dimension of  


0.45m×0.20m×0.18m   Typical payload Gimbals, Camera, LiDAR, etc


** สนใจติดต่อสอบถามได้ที่ LINE ID: @droneacademy **  


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