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  • High definition tracking box
  • EO Turret 
  • Gyro stabilized platform
  • Visible light camera
  • Infrared sensor
  • Laser range finder
Specifications of Gimbals:
Visible light camera Lens 4.3mm~129mm
Magnification Optical zoom:30times
Video resolution HD-HDMI 1080P(1920X1080)
Infrared thermal image Detector and lens Uncooled long wave infrared thermal image: 640*512/8-14um


Gyro Stabilized Platform Stability precision ≤1mrad(1σ)
Search Range (Azimuth) Nx360°
Search Range (Pitch) -110°~+15°
Maximum pitch angular velocity ≥60°/s
Azimuth maximum angular  velocity ≥60°/s
Maximum angular acceleration of pitch ≥100°/s²
Azimuth maximum angular acceleration ≥100°/s²
HD video tracker Input channel 1 channel SDI
Output channel 1 channel SDI
Integration mode Integrated into gimbals, and gimbals  has tracking function
Video resolution 1920X1080
  Video output SDI
Interface Communication control RS422 /RS232/ S-BUS
Power supply Power input 204VDC
Rating power consumption ≤30W,peak value≤60W
Output video Mode 1080P@30HZ