DAT-806 VTOL 3 hours Endurance Electricity-powered UAV

Enables easy operation, no need of runway, with vertical take-off and landing.  Easy to disassemble, convenient and flexible to use. 




  • Electricity powered 
  • Compact, Light weighted, easy to carry and deployment 
  • Max Range:300km; 
  • Max Endurance:3hr @ 3kg payload; 
  • Ceiling: 4500m; 
  • Navigation: BDS/GPS 
  • Applied in: Surveillance, Mapping, communication in emergency, Rescue, Forest  anti-fire, pipeline patrolling, etc 
Specification of DAT-806:
Length 2.1m MTOW (Max Take-Off Weight) 26kg
Wingspan 4.7m Height 0.83m
STD payload 3kg Max payload 6kg
POWER of flying battery Max endurance 3hrs@3kgpayload
Max range 300km Task radius ≥100km

Mode of take-off and  landing

Vertically Mode of flying Following preloaded GPS  Path 

autonomously/remote  control

Engine Electricity-powered  brushless motor In emergency Vertically landing automatically
Material of  fuselage Carbon fiber and compound material Wind load rating 6grade(13m/s)@takingoff 7grade(14m/s)@crusing
Max altitude of  take-off point 2500m Ceiling 4000m
Typical payload Gimbals, camera, 


Navigation BDS/ GPS
Cruising speed 90km/hrs Flying speed 23~33m/s


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