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แว่น Magic Leap One MR

Magic Leap:

Magic Leap was founded in 2011 as an augmented reality company based in the United States.
In December 2017, Magic Leap announced its first augmented reality AR glasses product, Magic Leap One, officially called the “Creator Edition version”. Magic Leap One has landed on the new version of Magic Leap. The developer version is expected to ship in 2018.
On March 7, 2018, Magic Leap, an American augmented reality (AR) startup, announced that it had raised US$461 million (approximately 2.9 billion yuan) in funding, most of which came from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.

Magic Leap named the helmet “Magic Leap One”, which included a controller, a battery pack, the size of a palm, and a pair of glasses, full of digital punk colors. Rolling Stone reports that the helmet is expensive

Entering a world of science fiction, Magic Leap enhances the experience with an array of colored lights hidden by fans, speakers, and computer controls. The experience is great, it tells us: theme parks can have no walls, and tourists don’t need to wait. Everything happened in the stage setting. Although the things I saw are different from the reality, they are quite close.

3. Virtual display

Next, Magic Leap executives placed three virtual displays in the reporter’s field of vision. The screen looks like an oversized flat-screen TV or monitor. You can move the screen, you can freely combine. While watching the screen, the robot is still floating aside.

แว่น Magic Leap One MR

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