Kinect DK V2


This is a compact, high-performance device with a multi-mode Depth and RGB camera and USB-C connectivity for power and data. The depth camera uses Microsoft’s industry-proven TOF technology and offers multiple operation modes and performance options.



This is a 3D Vision device capable of capturing 3D images and videos.
– Depth camera with a 1MP TOF sensor and 120° FOV
– Up to 15fps at 1024×1024 or 30fps at 640×576 depth resolution
– 4K RGB with HDR
– USB Type-C 3.2 for power and data

Azure Kinect V2 vs V1

Camera compatibility with Azure Kinect Developer Kit:

These devices are built with Microsoft’s Indirect Time of Flight (iToF) technology, which has a deeper camera mode and performance comparable to the Azure Kinect Developer Kit. The new Azure Kinect SDK includes integration. Azure Kinect Sensor SDK Wrapper, which enables software applications developed for the Azure Kinect Developer Kit to work with the new Azure Kinect cameras.

Features common to all new Azure Kinect cameras:

1. Dept Camera AzureKinect_Adv-pixel Using Microsoft’s iToF technology, it has a wide 120-degree field of view (FOV) and high accuracy in Wide range from 0.25m to 5.5m
2. High performance 4K high resolution RGB camera with 90 degree field of view 6DOF IMU module provides positioning information
3. Multi-device sync hub sold separately as an accessory Simplifies connection and installation for multiple camera and sensor networks with longer cables and changeable voltage levels.
4. SDK makes installation and registration simple. It’s easy, and the rich set of APIs allows for integration with various applications.

Since this camera is a new model, there are a few SDK adjustments if the user has programmed before. You need to modify the code to use with the new SDK, changing only the Header file, nothing complicated other than that as before. Compare images and perspectives


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