The only drone training institute in Thailand that has won first place. Mostly from abroad And the instructors are certified by FAA, the world leader of NASA Space App Global, USA.


News and various drone competition activities from Drone Academy Thailand

Atmosphere of the “Regional Drone Soccer Championship 2024″ competition in Singapore.

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Guidance on training and flight testing in preparation for competing in the Drone Soccer World Cup 2024 project.

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Football drone flight test activity On the occasion of National Children's Day at the hangar area of ​​Wing 601, Wing 6 2024.

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นักกีฬาไทย คว้าอันดับที่ 1 การแข่งขัน Drone Odyssey Challenge 2023 และความรู้ Drone Soccer

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Close comments บน นักกีฬาไทย คว้าอันดับที่ 1 การแข่งขัน Drone Odyssey Challenge 2023 และความรู้ Drone Soccer

Our Training Courses

Drone teaching, drone training, teaching how to fly a drone, drone school Number one in Thailand

Drone training course Learn about laws, regulations, and basic use of drones. 

Drone training course To learn about training in assembling drones, tuning Turing and repairs, as well as understanding various systems. 

Learning to program to control a drone so that it can fly with an Auto system and Waypoint using a tablet. mobile computer

Learn how to use a drone. In order to bring this Use agriculture before flying, preparing equipment during flight, selecting fertilizer types, precautions before flight, during flight, after flight.

Learn how to operate and control advanced modes for use in surveying and mapping.

Learn about creating space in 2D/3D using drones. Including learning techniques for creating 360 degree spherical images.

Learn how to use a camera drone. Infrared/Thermal Camera for engineering survey work

Practice assembling, understanding equipment and adjustments, including experimentation. The drone flies at a speed of 80-150 km/h. 

To ensure that the drone's operation is efficient and correct according to aeromechanical principles. Therefore, it is very important for a Drone Engineer to have the knowledge to properly design a drone.

Drone Startup is suitable for students who want to make money using drones in various businesses. Plan income and expenses for one year, including hands-on practice in assembling the drone. and fly different types of drones in the field.

Due to the current drone technology has made great progress At the same time, technology Aviation and aerospace are developing no less. For this reason, if there is a training course that Can give to those who are interested Can be trained to gain knowledge 

Due to current drone technology, robots and Virtual Reality playing more and more roles in our lives, for this reason having these skills from early childhood will be a good opportunity for your child.

Drone training course with certificate from Civil Aviation Training Center

The NASA International Space App Challenge is a hackathon-style competition for coders. Scientist, designer, lecturer, inventor, technology enthusiast. space enthusiast and many other careers. Come join us in developing applications for computers, mobile phones, VR, and various hardware.

Learn the basics of building rockets and spaceships through the Kerbal Space Program, along with learning the basics of space exploration. Entering orbit and traveling between the stars and prepare to participate in the competition

The Drone Soccer Workshop course is a course for learning about Drone Soccer and sports played with drones.

This course is suitable for those who want to learn how to use a drone to inspect plant indexes and its application in orchards, planting plots, and other cultivated areas. Basic knowledge about the use of drones and analysis software is provided. Plant Index

This course is suitable for those who want to use Azure Kinect DK to develop software in various areas. Students should have at least basic knowledge of programming, especially C#, and teaching will lay the foundation for understanding and use in the future.

 Because at present there are many people interested in and using Drones in various fields. Whether it's taking photos from aerial angles, agriculture, mapping, etc., and in the same way, drones are also used as weapons for spying. and attack various targets

Due to the current Covid-19 epidemic, many careers are facing problems and there are people who are unemployed and what business to start in such a risky situation? It may not be the right opportunity for this reason. If there is a business that requires little investment but gives wide results, it is inevitable. Creating an online business on a website including promoting products through various social networks such as Faceebook, Twitter, Youtube, LINE is therefore something that is very important.


 This course teaches you how to design and print 3D models. This course is ideal for anyone interested in design, manufacturing or craftsmanship.

Using the Roblox Studio programming language to develop games on the Roblox platform. The Roblox Studio programming language is a visual scripting language that allows developers to easily write code to create games. No prior knowledge of programming languages ​​required.

Because nowadays AI, Drone and Robot are hot innovations. and affect the daily life of We are very human, so we have devised a Robot course to answer AI+ Robot questions.

Developing virtual reality in the metaverse involves creating interconnected VR experiences in the same virtual world. This is achieved using technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. To create a seamless and decentralized VR environment. which users can interact with each other smoothly


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